Anime Emoji

If you are an anime fan or stay around anime fans, you must have encountered anime emojis. Anime emoji is popular among weebs (people who love Japanese culture, especially anime). Anime lovers try to follow anime culture in their daily lives differently. Anime culture greatly influences young people, and because of that, they use anime emojis to express their feelings in text. Moreover, using anime emojis has become a favorite way to express emotions. These emojis can perfectly portray your feelings toward a particular situation. 

Nowadays, emojis are ubiquitous. We use them regularly as a part of our digital conversations. And for obvious reasons, anime lovers love to use anime emojis in their digital conversation. Read the article to learn more about anime emojis. 

What are Emojis?

People originally referred to emojis as pictograms. It is the combination of the ideogram “E” [絵], which means figure, and “Moji” [文字], which means character. Emoji is a Japanese word similar to the word emotion and emoticon. These are stickers that we use in text messages.

The Origins of Emoji

Japanese people originated emojis to ease communication among their people. In 1999, “i-mode,” a mobile internet service, introduced the first widely-used emojis as a part of messaging features. Shigetake Kurita is known as “the father of emoji” because he created the first emojis to ease digital communication. Later, other companies created their version of emojis, and emojis soon became an essential part of digital communication.

Some Popular Anime EMOJI

Anime EMOJI can help you express your feelings in a particular situation through digital conversation. There are many anime emojis that you can use in different situations. Below, we have listed some popular anime emojis’ names so that you can learn the meaning of those emojis and use them appropriately.

Narutomaki Emoji

Narutomaki is a food item that you can find in ramen, oden, and nimono. Its pink swirl is representative of the Naruto Strait in Japan. 

Anger Emoji

The anger emoji is a red symbol popular in anime/manga, and people use it to represent the veins popping on an angry person. Other comic books also use it to indicate a punch landed. This emoji is also known as an anger sign or vein pop.

Onsen Emoji

The Onsen emoji symbolizes a hot spring. Onsen is a Japanese public hot spring bath. You will often see these hot springs in anime or manga. It is a part of Japanese culture.

Torii Emoji

Torri is a gate that indicates the entrance to a Shinto shrine. These gates represent the entrance to a sacred area. You will see these areas in almost every anime. 

Manga Meat Emoji

Anime and manga fans will easily recognize manga meat emojis. This emoji depicts meat on a large bone. You can see it in several anime or manga. 


Emojis are an integral part of text messaging. Every age group likes to use emojis in their conversation. However, Anime EMOJI is famous among young people, especially those who like anime and manga. These emojis heavily represent Japanese culture. Some emojis depict famous locations shown in anime, and some emojis represent food items in anime. Moreover, other emojis express emotions. 

Although anime emojis are famous among anime lovers, people who are unfamiliar with anime are also using these emojis. If you know the meaning of these emojis, you can easily use these in your digital conversations. Don’t be a boomer and learn the meanings of the anime emojis!

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