Terms and Conditions

Before you use our website, we request you going through the terms and conditions. Once you start using the website you accept all the terms and conditions of our website. These are here to solidify any legality of using the website.

Legal information

Any legality involving the use of websites falls under these conditions. As a creative platform, we abide by those laws and encourage our visitors to follow them as well. We are very much strict with our intellectual property law. Because we are providing our own designs for free, we have to maintain the laws regarding intellectual property. Also, with an agreement to this, you allow us to use your data on our website for the betterment of the experience.

Use of your data

When you use our website, we gather some basic information from your visit. The information involves your browser settings, IP address, ISP information, etc. We don’t collect your personal information so you won’t have to worry about disclosing any of that. Also, we use the data we collect for providing a better user experience for you. There is no other purpose for collecting your information on our website.

Website content

We provide free designs on our websites. However, when you choose to use our designs you can’t use them on any professional projects. Using our website implies that you agree to not use our designs for monetary purposes. If you are found to do so we hold the right to halt your activities regarding our designs. We can also take legal actions if we find you forging our designs for your own benefit.

Third-party concerns

The only third-party concerns on our website are the designers who put their work here. They hold the right to advertise their own work here. Besides that, we aren’t acquainted with any other third-party organization or website. So, anything regarding any third-party affiliation isn’t our responsibility.

Changes in the terms

We hold the right to bring any kind of changes to these terms at any moment. We can modify or add conditions to this term whenever necessary. We will make sure to notify our visitors about those changes. Even so, we encourage you to keep checking the terms from time to time. If you have any issues with the changes you can inform us through email.

Contact us if you have any questions or issues regarding the terms and conditions. We will try to come up with solutions to any kind of problem we consider needs attention.