Twitch Emote Size

Twitch emotes are an integral part of streaming on Twitch. And the Twitch Emote size always matters. They hold the excitement and all the fun in the chat for the viewers of a particular streamer. Sometimes a community is built upon the basis of some twitch emotes. Some streamers also have their own emotes that […]

Anime girls

The world of anime is so vast that you can get a lot out of it. There are lessons to learn, philosophies that make you think about the world. Keeping all that aside you get to see the beauty and personality of thousands of anime girls. Many people who love to watch anime often fantasize […]


Emote Meaning biblethump is an emote equivalent to crying. You can show your sadness towards the stream using this emote. It’s just like saying “this is so sad”. Now, it can be said in a sarcastic way as well. Emote visual This emote visually is like usual emoticons. It’s a red animated character with a […]


Emote Meaning Dansgame is the emote you can use for expressing disgust towards something. It can be anything that makes you feel disgusted. So, the meaning can vary a lot based on the context. But necessarily it holds the notion of saying, “Ew, that’s disgusting”. Emote visual The emote visually is a guy who makes […]


Emote Meaning You can get the meaning of feelsbadman emote pretty much from the name itself. It’s to express your sadness or disappointment towards something that happens on stream. It’s just like saying something to console someone. For example, “It feels bad man”. It also shows your support towards the streamer. Emote visual This emote […]


Emote Meaning This is a fun emote to use in twitch chat. Jebaited is an emote people use when they pranked the streamer somehow. It’s like saying “I baited you” or “you have been baited for the prank”. It brings out a great reaction from the streamer too. Emote visual The emote visual of jebaited […]


Emote Meaning Notlikethis is an emote that expresses that something unexpected has happened on stream. It can be a reaction to something sad or something stupid. It holds the notion of saying, “It shouldn’t have been like this” or “You don’t do it like this”. Emote visual In the emote you will get to see […]


Emote Meaning The emote pepejam is basically Pepe the frog jamming to music. It means you are enjoying the music that is going on in the background of the stream. There is not sentence to describe the feeling it’s just like jamming to good music in real life. Emote visual In the visual of the […]


Emote Meaning Sourpls  emote is used for expressing extreme happiness. It also expresses that you are living life carefree and enjoying what’s happening. It’s mostly used for hyping others before something great is happening. Emote visual The emote visually is a guy dancing in a supermarket completely carefree. It’s an animated emote.  The guy in […]


Emote Meaning trihard emote is the best way to create hype on the chat for something exciting on stream. It holds the meaning of saying, “We are all excited” or “let’s get hyped up”. Emote visual In the emote visually you will see a guy who is hyped up and excited about something already. The […]


Emote Meaning If you are very happy to be on a stream or something made you very happy then you can use widepeepohappy. It’s the emote way of saying “I am so happy right now”. Emote visual This emote is a part of the Pepe the frog family. So, you get to see Pepe face […]

Wutface Twitch Emote

Emote Meaning Wutface is the face you make when something shocks you or you are surprised to see. It’s the face of disbelief. It holds the same meaning of saying, “like, really?” or when we say “what?” while in wonder. Emote visual In the visual of this emote you get to see a man with […]