“Unleashing the Quirky Side of 4weird Emotes

In the world of online communication, emotes play a huge role in expressing emotions and reactions. From the classic “smile” emoticon to the more modern emojis, these small images have become an integral part of our digital language. But just like in real life, not all emotes are created equal. Here are four weird emotes that you may not have seen before.

Kappa: Kappa is one of the oldest and most popular emotes on Twitch. It is a simple black-and-white image of a face with a closed mouth and a mischievous expression. Kappa is often used to indicate sarcasm or irony in chat and has become a staple of the Twitch community.

KappaRoss: KappaRoss is a variation of Kappa, but with the face of the popular Twitch streamer, Ross. It is used to mock and tease Ross, mainly because of his reaction or any other situations that happen in his streams.

LUL: LUL is an emote that is used to indicate laughter. It is a stylized image of a face with closed eyes, an open mouth, and a big tongue. It is similar to Kappa, but the tongue sticking out gives it a more playful and silly feel.

KappaPride: KappaPride is an emote that was created to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. It is a variation of Kappa with the colors of the rainbow flag. It is used to express support, solidarity, and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, and it is used often during pride events, or to show support for LGBTQ+ rights.

These emotes, as well as many others, have become a part of the internet culture and language. They allow users to express themselves in a quick and easy way and can be used to convey a wide range of emotions and reactions. But these four emotes stand out for their weird and unique look. They can be used to inject some humor and quirkiness into chat conversations and make them more interesting.

4weird Emote Meaning

4weird is emote that people use to express their wonder about something. It’s a reaction to something weird happening on stream. You can use it to express that you are surprised to see something weird. It holds the meaning as if you were saying, “like seriously?” or “that’s weird”.

Emote Visual

The emote is basically the face of a man with a bland look in his eyes. The man is a league of legend streamer known as Cadbury. He reacted in such a way to something weird on his stream thus this emote came to be.

When to use 4weird

You can use 4weird whenever something on stream weirds you out. Anything stupid or weird happening on stream will lead you to express such kind of emotion. It’s basically being surprised about the fact that how can someone be so stupid? You can also use it to express that you are repulsive to some action in the stream.  

Emote Expression

Surprised, disappointed, bland face.

Origin of 4weird

This emote first came into existence in 2019 on the FrankerFaceZ extension of twitch emotes. Later on, BetterTTV added that to their list in 2020. It has the face of a well-known league streamer Cadbury. It became a matter of discussion in several subreddits. Also, his wide fan base helped it spread throughout twitch and Reddit. It’s even considered to be the best emote to express surprise towards something weird or embarrassing.

Similar emotes

A popular and similar emote to this is WeirdChamp. You can find many other emotes to express the same emotion too.

Getting 4weird

4weird is available on BetterTTV to emote extension and FrankerFaceZ extension. You can get it from any of those sources.


That was all there is to know about 4weird. If something ever weirds you out in twitch chat you know how to express it. Twitch emotes really make the experience of watching streams much better when you know how to use them.

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