Twitch Chat Badges

Twitch Chat Badges

As we know Twitch is the most popular streaming platform currently. There are very few gamers who haven’t heard about Twitch. There are people who even aren’t gamers but use Twitch. This is because they love the contents of the streamers.

Most of us think Twitch is only limited to gaming. The assumption is completely wrong. There’s a whole different world available in Twitch. Every streamer has a channel of his own. If you don’t know about a gamer and enter the channel of that gamer then you’d not understand anything at first.

There are lots of things going on in a channel. In the chat, you may see some logos besides the name of a person which are badges. These badges aren’t easy to collect. There are many different types of badges too. To let the users know we’ve gathered information of all Twitch badges and meanings.

All Badges Name and Meaning

There are a few badges available in Twitch. Carrying out some particular tasks this badge can be earned. Every badge has some meaning to it. Below you’ll find all the different types of badges and their meanings.

The User-type chat badges

These badges are related to the roles of the user in a channel. Every channel has these badges.

Twitch Staff: From the name, we can understand the meaning of the badge. Those who work at Twitch are assigned this badge. You shouldn’t misbehave or do something out of the rules when you see a person with this badge in the chat.

Admins: The most powerful badge after the Twitch Staff is the Admin badge. Getting an admin badge isn’t easy. This badge is only given to those who are paid, who review reports, and also enforce Twitch Terms of Service. 

Broadcasters: The broadcasters which means the streamers have a red broadcaster icon next to their name. In various streams, you may get confused about who the streamer is or is the streamer speaking? To confirm that you should watch the broadcaster badge beside the name of the user. The broadcaster is mainly the owner of the channel.

Verified: The users who are verified by Twitch officially get the verified badge. Usually, streamers get the verified badge within a few days of becoming partners with Twitch. 

Chat moderator: All channels must maintain rules and some person should be assigned to maintain those rules. Those persons are called moderators. The chat moderators get a badge indicated by a green sword. The channel owner picks the moderator.

VIP: VIPs are those who enjoy the extra privilege. In a channel, there would be some people who’ll enjoy slightly more benefits than others. Only the streamers can select VIP in the chat. The VIPs are generally close friends, relatives, or those who’re long-time members of the chat. The special privilege of VIPs is: Immune to chat and channel moderation settings. They can still get time-outs from the broadcaster.


Chat badges

The chat badges are related to users having paid subscriptions.

Prime Gaming User: The users who use Twitch’s premium user service with additional benefits, and Amazon Prime are given the Prime Gaming User Badge.

Turbo User: This badge is given to those who have purchased the monthly premium service of Twitch.


Cheer and sub badges

Without support, any streamer or gamer can’t grow. These badges are given based on support. Your ways of showing support to a streamer can get you this badge.

Those who cheer the streamer or gift subs to other viewers get this badge. They earn the badge for a particular channel without a time limit. If they lose their ranking only then the badge may disappear.

The two badges are:

Top Cheerer badges
Top Sub Gifter badges


Twitch isn’t only focused on casual streaming. They’ve lots of other things which make the platform engaging. Providing perks to different people based on their activities is one of those things. Badges could be a matter of pride. Many users compete among themselves regarding who can earn more badges. If you don’t know about the badges on Twitch then go through the article. This article provides detailed information about all Twitch badges and their meanings.