Emote Meaning

No twitch chat is complete without the PepeLaugh emote in there. It’s an emote that expresses extreme laughter. Whether you told a joke and added the emote or you use it as a reaction. It all expresses that you are laughing. It’s just like saying “laughing my ass off” or “laughing out loud”.

Emote Visual

This emote is a visual of a frog. This comes from the famous Pepe the frog family. There are lots of other emotes with this face. In this emote you get to see Pepe the frog laughing so hard that tears come out of his eyes and he can’t keep them open.

When to use PepeLaugh

Whenever something really funny happens on the stream you can use this emote. You can use it in situations where the streamer or someone else from the chat says something really funny. Or you can use it to react to something funny that the streamer might have done. It’s just like in real life when your friends do something stupid and you burst out in laughter.

Emote expression

Laughter, extreme happiness

Origin of PepeLaugh

This first appeared in 4chan which is a website like a bulletin board for images. It came out in 2014. Later on, in 2017 the emote came to FrankerFaceZ which is a browser extension for twitch emotes. Just like all the Pepe, the frog emotes the credit for this one goes to Matt Furie who is a comic illustrator. Since its origin till now it’s almost anticipated when this emote is coming.

Similar Emotes

There are lots of other emotes that express the same emotion. There is LUL, KEKW, ROFL, etc.

Getting PepeLaugh

You can get PepeLaugh by installing the BTTV or FrankerFaceZ extension in your browser.


This is one of the most used emotes on twitch. So, if you are a twitch user you must know about this one and how to use this.