Emote Meaning

If you are very happy to be on a stream or something made you very happy then you can use widepeepohappy. It’s the emote way of saying “I am so happy right now”.

Emote visual

This emote is a part of the Pepe the frog family. So, you get to see Pepe face on this emote. It’s a very uplifting and happy emote to watch. Here, pepe the frog is seen smiling, and the image is stretched out to make the smile wider.

When to use widepeepohappy

Whenever something good happens on stream that makes you happy you can use this emote. It’s a positive emote that is also wholesome to look at. It expresses you are genuinely happy to be in the stream. It can be a reaction to the streamer accomplishing something and you are happy for them. It doesn’t hold the meaning of laughter it’s rather being happy about something. There is an emotional aspect to this one.

Emote expression

Happy and pleasure.

Origin of widepeepohappy

This emote comes from Pepe the frog meme family. So, the original credit for this emote goes to the comic artist Matt Furie. But as a twitch emote it was made by someone else with a twist. They stretched out a picture of Pepe the frog smiling and made the emote. It was first seen on the FrankerFaceZ extension in 2018. From there on it became the favorite emote for many people out there.

Similar emotes

There are some emotes on twitch that is similar to this. There is another variant which is peepoHappy. It’s less intense than this one.

Getting widepeepohappy

If you have a BTTV extension on your browser you can use this emote.


So, from now on whenever something makes you extremely happy and moves you then you can use widepeepohappy.