WeirdChamp Twitch Emote

WeirdChamp Twitch Emote

Are you wondering what WeirdChamp twitch emote is? WeirdChamp Twitch emote shows disappointment or disbelief. It was inspired by the PogChamp emote, which shows excitement. Read the article to learn more about WeirdChamp Twitch Emote.

About WeirdChamp

WeirdChamp is the face of Ryan Gutierrez, also known as “Gootecks” showing disappointment. It is the same face that was used in PogChamp emote. This emote shows Ryan Gutierrez expressing disappointment on his face. On the other hand, the PogChamp conveys excitement. Their meanings are entirely opposite.

WeirdChamp Twitch Emote Meaning

People use WeirdChamp Twitch emote to express disbelief. When the streamer does something unbelievable or disappointing, people use this emote in the chat to show their emotion towards the streamer.  

When to Use WeirdChamp

Imagine you are watching a streamer playing valorant. The streamer told the viewers that he would do an ace next round. However, he dies right after the first peek. Consequently, you might see the chatbox spamming WeirdChamp emotes to show utter disappointment towards the streamer. Because the streamer told the chat that he would do an ace, but he died right after the first peek. In this kind of situation, you can use WeirdChamp emote. 

Origin of the WeirdChamp Emote on Twitch

WeirdChamp emotes first appeared on Reddit on July 2, 2018. Many Reddit users wanted a different version of PogChamp. They requested another emote showing Ryan’s face in disbelief. Finally, a user named NyroLoL uploaded this emote in FrankerFaceZ in response to their request. Later, the WeirdChamp emote made an appearance on Better Twitch TV. However, it became a heated topic after people started using it on xQcOW’s Twitch channel. 

How to Pronounce WeirdChamp

WeirdChamp is the fusion of “weird” and “champ.” Don’t say the two words together. First, say “weird” and then say “champ,” like “weird-champ.”

Why Is It Called WeirdChamp?

Internet people originally called this emote feels weird pog when a Reddit user posted it on the /r/forsen subreddit. But people thought it would be better if they used another word to describe this emote. Eventually, the name “WeirdChamp” came, and people started using it. 

Is the WeirdChamp Emote Banned on Twitch?

WeirdChamp emote is available on Better Twitch TV, but it has been removed from FrankerFaceZ. Moreover, Twitch banned this emote in early 2021 because Ryan Gutierrez posted a tweet after the 6th capitol hill takeover encouraging more violence. 

How to use the WeirdChamp emote on Twitch?

You can use WeirdChamp emote on Twitch even though Twitch banned it. To use the emote on Twitch, you have to download a browser extension of BTTV. Then you can see all the Twitch emotes that the channel supports.


Although WeirdChamp Twitch Emote was hugely popular among the cybercitizens, its usage has declined significantly after Ryan’s comment on the Capitol Hill riot. 

However, people still use it to express disappointment and disbelief towards the streamers. You can still use this emote on Twitch by using the browser extension of BTTV. Even though the usage of WeirdChamp has declined, we will see many more emotes like this in the future coming from the creative minds of internet people.