Twitch Emotes Size | Best Size for an Emote to Make

Twitch emotes are an integral part of streaming on Twitch. And the Twitch Emotes sizes always matter. They hold the excitement and all the fun in the chat for the viewers of a particular streamer.

Sometimes a community is built upon the basis of some twitch emotes. Some streamers also have their own emotes that create their identity in other communities as well as their own.

The best thing about twitch emotes is you can create customized emote for your channel. And the only guideline you must follow is the twitch emote size.

Here, we will be talking about the different sizes you will need for your twitch emotes. Additionally, we will guide you through how you can resize any picture to the appropriate twitch emote size.

Without knowing twitch emotes size you can not use your emotes perfectly. Let’s get on with it.

Twitch Emotes Size Guide

If you are starting to create your own emote you can start off with the required dimension. Twitch usually requires three different dimensions of the same emote.

  • First one has to be 28px x 28px. This is one is needed for any kind of web display. Anyone who watches your streams online will get to see this dimension of the emote in the chat.


  • Second one is 56px x 56px. This one is appropriate for any retina display. So, anyone watching streams on a higher pixel density device will get to see this version of the emote. For example, Apple iPhones have retina displays on them.


  • And lastly 112px x 112px. This is appropriate for the larger displays. Whoever watches your stream on a large display will get to see this version of the emote on their screens.

The aspect ratio of emotes always has to be 1:1. This basically implies that all the emotes must be within a perfect square shape. Also, you have to submit all three different sizes of an emote to make it work.

There is some additional guideline you will need to follow. The images you want to submit must be in PNG format. All the emotes should have a transparent background in them.

So, you will need to remove any background if you are going for custom emotes. The file size has to be within 25kb. And you can’t use any images that have copyrighted information in them.

Once you follow all these guidelines the emote should be approved after being reviewed. If you are a streamer with a decent number of following it shouldn’t take much time to approve.

Making The Perfect Twitch Emote

You can easily make a twitch emote using the emote maker called Kapwing. First of all, open the application and load the image you want to use.

Once it appears on the editing screen you have to start off by removing the background. then to change the dimensions you have to change the output settings. There you will see an option to input dimensions. Here, you will put 28 x 28, 56 x 56, and 112 x 112. You have to do this thrice.

Finally, you can click publish and download the image in PNG format. That’s all there is to it.

Twitch Emotes Size


There you go we took you through a simple guideline of twitch emote size. Hope this helps you get the perfect twitch emotes for your channel and build your community.