LUL Emote: The Laughing Emote Taking Over the Internet

LUL emote is a very popular Twitch emote in recent times. Discover LUL emote Meaning, Origin, Pronounced, and updates. Learn How this emote becomes famous day by day. Learn how many people use this emote and why?

This emote, also known as “LUL” or “LULW,” is a popular emoticon used on the internet to express laughter. It is a variation of the “LOL” (laugh out loud) emoticon, but with an added “W” to indicate a “big laugh.” The emote is often used in online conversations, such as on social media and in chat rooms, to indicate that something is funny or amusing.

Origins of the LUL Emote

The LUL emote originated on the streaming platform Twitch, where it was used by users to indicate a big laugh in response to something funny in a stream. The emote was created by a user named “adew,” who posted it on the Twitch emote repository in 2011. Since then, the emote has gained popularity and is now widely used on other platforms, such as Discord and Reddit.

How to Use This

This emote can be used in a variety of contexts to indicate laughter. Some common ways to use it include:

  • In response to a joke or humorous comment
  • To indicate that something is funny or amusing
  • As an expression of sarcasm or irony

To use the LUL emote, simply type “LUL” or “LULW” in the text field of your conversation. On some platforms, such as Twitch, the emote will appear as an image of a person laughing, rather than just text.

Emote Meaning

This twitch emote is applied to show in the chat indicate laughter in a similar vein to typing the abbreviation of LOL at something to the streamer or someone in the conversation has said. This interesting emote becomes very famous to twitch streamers every year.

LUL Emote Origin

Its origins date is 2014. Later on, it was included in the Twitch emote collection and has been an important part. Now it is one of the highly popular emote on twitch.


This emote is really easy and simple to pronounce as it is ” Lame Uncomfortable Laugh”:


This emote has become a popular way for internet users to express laughter and amusement online. Its origins on Twitch have helped it to gain widespread popularity, and it is now used on a variety of platforms. Whether you’re responding to a funny comment or expressing sarcasm, the LUL emote is a great way to add some humor to your online conversations.

LUL is an emote and term put to use a lot in Twitch to display indicate laughter in a similar vein to typing the abbreviation of LOL at something we have seen or heard at the time of streaming on twitch. It is one of the most used emote on Twitch to show getting sleepy faces. You may try this emote if you need to show your emotions.


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