Kreygasm Twitch Global Emotes

Kreygasm Twitch Global Emotes

The Internet has been one of the finest inventions. One of the most popular names on the Internet is ‘Twitch.’ If you’re accustomed to Twitch, then you must’ve heard the name of ‘Kreygasm’ and wondered what Kreygasm is? In this article, you’d find the answer to it.

Kreygasm Twitch Emote Meaning

Kreygasm is a Twitch emote which is very popular. The emote signifies a reaction of surprise. It’s one of the oldest emotes in Twitch. It’s used to represent when someone is amazed or wowed through an emote.


The Kreygasm emote originated in 2011 from a streamer named ‘KreyG.’ After his name, the emote was named Kreygasm. In September 2011, KreyG uploaded the picture in Twitch, but it wasn’t used outside KrieG’s channel until July 10th, 2013. On July 10th, 2013, a page named Kreygasm started posting memes on Facebook. After that, several people started using the emote. 


Creator of Kreygasm

The creator of this emotes a famous streamer called ‘KreyG.’ Around January 2011, a media person asked KreyG if he would post an emote. At first, KreyG denied doing so, but later in the year, he changed his mind and posted an emote, now popularly known as Kreygasm.


Emote Type 

The emote is used to signify something pleasureful or satisfying, or wowed. It’s a picture of KreyG moaning. When we’re too satisfied or surprised, we do this kind of face.


Spread and Usage

As Kreygasm is very old, it started to spread within a year of its origin. It’s used for expressing pleasure.



Kreygasm is a very old yet popular emote. Regularly thousands of people use this emote but don’t know the history behind it. Hope you’ve now learned the details about Kreygasm.