What Does “KEKW Emote” Mean on Twitch? – History And Usage

What Does “KEKW Emote” Mean on Twitch? – History And Usage

“KEKW” is a popular Twitch chat emote that is often used to indicate surprise or excitement. The emote is a stylized image of a bird, specifically a parakeet, which gives the emote its name. The bird appears to be excited and surprised, with wide eyes and an open beak, which helps to convey the emote’s meaning.

The origins of the “KEWK” emote are not entirely clear, but it is believed to have originated on the Twitch channel of the streamer Lirik. The emote quickly gained popularity among Twitch users and is now a commonly used emote across the platform.

One of the reasons for the success of the “KEWK” emote is its versatility. It can be used in a variety of contexts, from expressing excitement at a big moment in a stream to indicating surprise at something unexpected happening. This versatility has helped the emote to become one of the most popular and widely-used emotes on Twitch.

Another reason for the popularity of the “KEWK” emote is its visual design. The emote features a cartoonish image of a bird that appears excited and surprised, which helps to convey the meaning of the emote. The use of a bird as the subject of the emote also adds an element of cuteness to the design, which makes it more appealing to viewers.

The “KEWK” emote has also become a popular way for streamers and viewers to connect with each other. Many streamers will use the emote in their own streams as a way to indicate that they are excited about something happening in the stream. This helps to create a sense of community and engagement between the streamer and their viewers.

What is KEKW in Twitch chat?

Twitch chat can be confusing if you don’t know the meanings and origins of the emotes used in twitch chats. KEKW is one of the most used emote chatters use in Twitch chat. KEKW made its appearance on Twitch chat in 2020. Common and quirky Twitch emoticons are famous in the culture of the internet. 


They have different meanings, and people use them in different situations. Some of these emotes are not on the twitch platform. People use extensions like Franker FaceZ and BTTV to use these emotes. So, if you don’t want to be a boomer, learn more about KEKW emote in this article.


KEWK by OrbitalPeacock

You can find KEWK by OrbitalPeacock in the FrankerFaceZ emoticon. Currently, there are 261 usage counts of KEWK by OrbitalPeacock on FrankerFaceZ. 


KEKW Meaning – The Origins of the KEKW Emote

KEK is the Korean version of North American or European LOL. This suffix shows the image of the laughing Spanish guy. And the letter W is commonly used with Twitch emotes. This emote conveys the expression of laughing hysterically. 

The origin of this emote is an interview that Juan Joya Borja gave in 2007. Juan’s trademark is his laughter. 


This emote shows a captured frame of Juan laughing hysterically. KEKW is the mixture of Juan’s famous video and a common gaming slang of World of Warcraft.


KEKW Popularity

In 2019, The viewers of xQc and the AdmiralBulldog made this emote famous by using it a lot in the chats. Moreover, one of the reasons it is popular is the famous actor Juan and the meme of him breaking into laughter after telling a joke. Naturally, people started using this emote to illustrate that they were laughing. 


How is KEKW pronounced?

KEKW has two parts; “Kik” and “u”. So, you have to add the two parts and say it together. “Kik-u” is the correct pronunciation of KEKW.


How Did KEKW Become Popular on Twitch Chat?

This emote first became popular on Twitch channels like xQc and the AdmiralBulldog. These channels accelerated the usage of the KEKW emote. KEKW is growing rapidly, and it is now taking the place of the popular emoticon “LUL.” Streamers have adopted this emote with unique variants for their subscriber emotes. 



KEKW Twitch chat emote has become popular among twitch users. People use it when they think the situation is funny. It is one of the most famous Twitch emotes used in chats. So, if you are having a big laugh after watching your favorite streamer doing something hilarious, use this emote to express your feelings. 

The popular meme of Juan Joya Borja breaking into a laugh made this emote popular in internet culture. xQc and AdmiralBulldog’s channel spiked the usage of this emote in 2019. Since then, the KEKW emoticon has been growing fast and becoming more popular. After learning about the origin and meaning of the KEKW emote, you will know when to use this emote in the chats. 

Overall, the “KEKW” emote has become a staple of the Twitch community and is an important part of the platform’s culture. Its versatility and visual design have helped it to become one of the most widely-used emotes on Twitch and it is used to express excitement and surprise in chat, creating a fun and light-hearted atmosphere for the community.

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