Emote Meaning

You can get the meaning of feelsbadman emote pretty much from the name itself. It’s to express your sadness or disappointment towards something that happens on stream. It’s just like saying something to console someone. For example, “It feels bad man”. It also shows your support towards the streamer.

Emote visual

This emote is a part of Pepe the frog family. So, you get to see pepe face on this emote. In this one pepe is doing a frowning face that looks sad and disappointed. You can easily get the sad feeling from this emote.

When to use feelsbadman

Whenever something bad happens on the stream you can use this emote to show sympathy. It’s a good way to empathize with the streamer if they are sharing any sad part of their life. It doesn’t have to be serious all that time though. You can use this if a streamer fails to do something in the game. It’s also a reaction to a sad story on chat or a sad donation message on stream. All in all, it’s supportive emote that shows you support them and empathize with them.

Emote expression

Empathy, consolation, showing support.

Origin of feelsbadman

This emote first appeared in 2009 on 4chan. Just like all other pepe the frog emotes this one also goes back to the creator of a comic. He is Matt Furie. After appearing for the first time on 4chan it spread all over the place. It came on Facebook in 2012 which made this a very popular reaction to sad stories. Two years before that it was added in Urban Dictionary.

Similar emotes

There are some other emotes lilke Biblethump to express sadness towards something. But it’s doesn’t capture the whole emotion of this emote.

Getting feelsbadman

To get feelsbadman you will need to have BTTV or FrankerFaceZ extension in your browser.


Streaming is not fun all the time. Sometimes things can get emotional and being supportive at such times is very important. And if you are not good with words you can use this emote to show your support.