BabyRage – Twitch Global Emote

BabyRage – Twitch Global Emote

BabyRage is one of the emotes which is widely used in Twitch. Chatting has become part and parcel of our daily life. Twitch is a popular streaming platform where thousands of streamers show their gameplay. Chatting is a key feature of twitch. Emotes are used To make chatting exciting and non-monotonous.

Emotes give life to the chat. There are thousands of emotes available all over the internet. We’re sharing the detailed information about BabyRage Twitch Global Emote in the article below.

BabyRage Meaning & Origin – Twitch Emote Explained

The exact origin of the BabyRage emote is unknown. It was created during the early days of Twitch. It’s one of the original emotes of the streaming platform. The first time it was seen in Urban Dictionary was in 2009.

There’s a streamer Arteezy who got very angry when he fails or has a bad game. The emote got popularized in his channel.

Every emote has a certain meaning behind it. The BabyRage Twitch emote is used to mock someone throwing a tantrum for no reason. When chat is begging for something that the streamer doesn’t want to do then it is used. It’s also used when someone admits that they are throwing a tantrum.

BabyRage by ZerothKappa

As BabyRage was a very old emote so with time it started to fade away. ZerothKappa, a streamer, tried to keep the emote alive. In the year 2021, he posted the BabyRage emote on Twitch again. This was a slightly modified version of the original BabyRage emote.

How is BabyRage Pronounced?

It isn’t hard to pronounce the BabyRage emote. No Spanish or French or other language is required to pronounce it. Simply pronounce the English word baby with the word Rage. The way of pronouncing it is: ‘ Baby-Rage’

How to Use the BabyRage Emote

As BabyRage is a native Twitch emote so it isn’t that hard to use it. The emote is available for all Twitch users to use. You wouldn’t need to do anything extra to use it. Just type the word BabyRage and you’ll be able to see the emote. It’s applicable for both mobile and desktop.

When Should I use the BabyRage emote on Twitch?

Every emote has a certain usage situation. The question is, when do you use the BabyRage emote? The BabyRage emote is used when someone is very angry. More precisely you can say when someone is raging at the game. It can also be used when someone is acting like a baby. It’s sometimes used to make the streamer even angrier. If you’ve understood the use of the emote then start using the emote today!


Emotes are a modern way of interacting with people. Emotes allows one to express their feelings to others. The BabyRage emote is one of the primitive emotes of Twitch. With the help of the emote the viewers react to the streamer’s childish and angry behavior. The emote is free for anyone to use. If anyone didn’t know about the emote previously, hope this article helped you to know about the BabyRage Twitch Global Emote.