Anime Girls 2021

Anime Girls 2021

The world of anime is so vast that you can get a lot out of it. There are lessons to learn, philosophies that make you think about the world. Keeping all that aside you get to see the beauty and personality of thousands of anime girls. Many people who love to watch anime often fantasize about them. The whole thing is called having a waifu.

Sometimes people get so fascinated with anime girls that they might treat them as real-life celebrities as well. They become fans of 2D characters that don’t even exist in real life. So, you really get the picture of how it is with this emote.

There are various types of anime girls in the world of anime. Let’s check that out.


Types of Anime Girls

These types are usually based on different personality aspects.

  • Tsundere:

    Tsundere is a type of anime girl who tends to be harsh on the outside and soft on the inside. They don’t show their emotion or care but, on the inside, they care a lot.

  • Yandere:

    Yandere are the ones who go all out on emotion and express it in somewhat a violent way. They might seem like psychopaths but they really aren’t.

  • Kuudere:

    Kuudere are those anime girls who appear to be a bit cold and not very friendly. But on the inside, they are very caring. They are selectively caring.

  • Dandere:

    Dandere girls are anime girls who are super shy. They can hardly express their emotion or even talk to the person they like and admire. However, they tend to be determined.

  • Moekko:

    Moekko girls are those who are a bit childish. They aren’t that serious about their life and decisions. They tend to have that childlike attitude of fun and going with the flow.


If you are into anime or thinking of going into anime beware of the anime girls. Because they are so great that you can hardly stop yourself from admiring them or maybe even fantasizing about them.

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