5HEAD: A Popular Twitch Emote

5HEAD: A Popular Twitch Emote

Emotes are a popular way of communication these days. For every certain situation, there’s a relevant emote. Emotes add life to chat. There are thousands of emotes available across different platforms. 5head is one of those emotes which is very popular too. In this article, we’ll learn about the 5head emote in detail.

The 5HEAD emote on Twitch is a popular emoticon used in the Twitch chat to express surprise or shock. The emote features a picture of a character with an oversized head and a surprised expression.

Origins of the 5HEAD Emote

The 5HEAD emote was created by the Twitch user “5HEAD” who used the emote in his own stream and it soon became popular among other streamers. It’s believed that the creator wanted to convey the feeling of surprise or shock through the emoticon.

How this Emote is Used

The 5HEAD emote is often used during unexpected or surprising moments in a stream, such as when a player achieves an unexpected victory or when something unexpected happens in a game. It’s also used to express surprise or shock about something happening in real life.

The emote has also been used to express support for a streamer or a particular game. Many Twitch users have also made their own variations of the 5HEAD emote, such as changing the color or adding different text.

The popularity of this Emote

The use of emotes on Twitch has become increasingly popular as a way for viewers to interact with the streamer and other viewers in the chat. Emotes can be used to express a wide range of emotions, and the 5HEAD emote has become a popular way to express surprise or shock.

The 5HEAD emote has also become popular beyond Twitch, it is used on other platforms such as Discord, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Its versatility and relatable expressions make it a widely used emote in many communities.

Emote Meaning

Every emote is used to indicate something. All emotes have a meaning to them. The 5head emote signifies a situation of bold play or intelligence. Gamers use The 5head emote a lot. The 5head emote is used When someone says something intelligent or pretends to be intelligent.

Most people use this emote but gamers use it more. When someone does a highly-skilled play or bold play then it’s used. One other use of it’s when someone does a poor play then mockingly it’s used.

Head Emote Origin

This emote is gaining popularity day by day. Do you know how this emote originated? In 2018 a user named SublimedTV uploaded the emote to FrankerFaceZ. After almost a year, XQC’s community picked up the emote. The reason was the streamer was very well known for making intelligent moves as well as stupid moves.

The emote is a distorted image of the head of Cadburry who is a popular League of Legends streamer. The large head imitates the brain in “Pinky and the Brain.” 

How is Head Pronounced?

Pronouncing the 5-head is very simple. The 5head is pronounced like the number 5 in English plus the word head. There’s no complexity involved in pronouncing the emote.


This emote started spreading in late 2019. Although it was posted in 2019 by SublimedTV it didn’t gain popularity until XQC picked up the emote. This emote spreads through being spammed in the XQC chat. From then on it started to blow up.

Later when streamers started streaming Among us, the emote gained immense popularity as intelligence was key to the game. It’s a very popular Twitch emote and slang at the same time in Twitch. Next time you see an intelligent play, don’t forget to use the emote!


5head emote is among the most used emotes used in Twitch daily. Every day the emote is spreading. While you may not know the origin or the meaning of it, we’ve mentioned all of the details of the 5head emote in the article above. Hopefully, we could help.