GachiBASS – Twitch Emote Meaning

Emote Meaning

GachiBASS is an animated emote to express satisfaction towards something that happened on stream. It’s just the animated version of the emote gachiGASM. You can use this to express your satisfaction in more of a dynamic manner with the animated part.

Emote visual

The emote visually is of a man who makes the face of pleasure and his head goes back and forth in the animation. The man is a male adult star named Billy Herrington. It’s very fun to watch when you use this in the right context.

When to use GachiBASS

Whenever you are satisfied watching something on the stream you can use this emote. If any gameplay, statement, or action from the streamer is satisfied then you can use this emote. You can also use it to express attraction towards a male streamer. It just means that you are attracted to the streamer. So, make sure to have the context right whenever you are using this because it can easily be misinterpreted.

Emote expression

Satisfaction, pleasure

Origin of GachiBASS

gachiBASS is a made-up word using two different words. The first part of the word Gachi comes from the Japanese word Gachimuchi which means fat but muscular man. And the bass means the bass of music. It is the variant of the original emote gachiGASM. Using that emote on a remix track a YouTuber made some videos on it naming gachiBASS. That’s where it was originated. Then the twitch streamer Forsen popularized it through his community.

Similar emotes

There are some other emotes similar to this. One is kreygasm that mostly expresses attraction towards women. And there is a non-animated variant of this one which is gachiGASM.

Getting GachiBASS

You can get gachiBASS by installing the BTTV extension in your browser.


Animated emotes are always a better option to increase the fun element. So, you can use this one to show your satisfaction in an animated way.