ForsenCD – A Basic Twitch Emote

Emote Meaning

There is a lot of confusion regarding the use of this emote. The ForsenCD emote is a wordplay or a troll for the twitch text-to-speech alerts. This represents that the twitch text to speech output has failed to correctly read out an alert message. So, it’s basically mocking the text-to-speech output of twitch when it misreads alerts.

Emote visual

The visual of this emote is very interesting. It has got the face of the famous streamer Forsen who wears the glasses and mustache of another famous streamer Dr.Disrespect. You can even see the reflection of a CD when you zoom in.

When to use ForsenCD

It’s very straightforward to use this emote. Whenever the twitch text to speech system fails in reading messages properly you can use this emote. By using this you are basically saying that the system is failing. It’s almost like making fun of the twitch TTS system. However, there is another sensitive use of this emote. It is used as a reference to the scandal involving Dr.Disrespect getting banned from Twitch.

Emote expression

The system is failing

Origin of ForsenCD

This goes back to 2018 when a random twitch user added this emote for the first time. He saw the twitch text to speech misreading “D omegalul C” as “OMEGALUL CD” and found it amusing. From there he made this emote and named it ForsenCD the CD is the reference to that mistake of twitch TTS. Later on, Forsen himself found it funny and used this emote as a ticket for participating in his raffles. That’s how this to emote came to be.

Similar emotes

There are some other emotes that indicate a failure in the twitch system. But this one is the most used emote for this expression.

Getting ForsenCD

This is a twitch tv emote so you don’t need anything additional to use this emote.


Sometimes you would want to point out the mistakes of the Twitch system. As the gamers are too focused on the games spamming this emote helps them understand something is wrong.




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