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Cookies are packages of files that get stored on your device when you visit a website. These are stored to identify your visit to the website through browser recognition and analytics. These cookies make your experience of revisiting the website more convenient. They are not harmful to your device neither can they affect any other program on your device.

Use of cookies

We use cookies on our website for various purposes. Some of them are to help you get a better experience and some of them are to ensure our functionality.

Cookies on our website make sure to give you the complete operation of our website. they are to make sure you get to use all the functions available here.

Another purpose of using cookies is to make things run faster. When you accept cookies from our website you will have a smoother and faster experience of using our website. You will be able to navigate through our website quickly.

Using cookies allows us to recognize your needs. We get to learn what improvements are required in our website.

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You can choose to accept or reject cookies from your browser settings. If you reject cookies you might not have a better returning experience to the website. We suggest accepting cookies for a better experience on our website.