Pokemon Emoji

Pokemon is a popular and one of the most desired cartoons by children. The actual foundation of Pokemon was built by two French designers, Satoshi Tajiri and his friend Ken Sugimori. They created Pokemon as a fictional character. Pokemon stands for the Japanese name of Pocket Monsters.

The Pokemon Company designed the Pokemon icon to celebrate Pokemon Detective Pikachu’s premiere. Then it turned out to be an emotion that was developed after that and added to many social media sites for users to easily reach Pokemon’s emotions.

So if you are a Pokemon freak, then stick with us till the end because today we will meet with some of the interesting factors of Pokémon and Pokemon emoji.

History of Pokemon Emoji

We all know that very well; Pokemon is very close to people’s hearts. So it is obvious that they would love to have a Pokemon emoji-like other emojis so that they can use the emoji whenever they are communicating on social media. Two French designers approached a keyboard of emoticons with which Pokemon lovers can use POKEMOJI for communicating.

After the tremendous appearance of Pokemon on smartphones and in pop culture, they have come up with this proposal. This idea was the first step to bringing the most popular fictional character to people’s fingertips, with flattened icons rendered in a plain color palette and illustrated with only three-dimensional action.

Facts about Pokemon Emoji:

The group of casts involves simple and extended genres modeled after the set of Pokemon shuffle games. The Pokemojis grant users the ability to choose a species and type the emoji into a message like they would be the quality-leveled group of emoticons recently available.

Inventors Kevin Magalhaes and Laureen Minet bring a group of characters that enters dearest critters as ‘Charmander’ and ‘Pikachu,’ with progressing generations such as ‘venusaur,’ and ‘Blastoise’ affected poke balls are added to the set.

Designers Minet and Magalhaes have also visualized an app named ‘pokemoji+,’ which would allow users to make customized wallpapers for their Androids and also for their Apple Watches.

Prompted for way or URL of Emoji YAML file, press either of the URLs below. The prefix URL is recommended like it prefixes Pokemon – to every tag.






And the slighter suggestion advice is to upload each, particularly by hand, from the emojis folder.


Pokemon emoji keyboard on iOS and Android

The Pokemon emoji application is a rotation in messaging technology on iOS and smart devices. Through this app, you can use various types of Pokemon emojis. This application involves the whole Pokemon package appearing with Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and many more. This adds different types of emojis poke balls, such as an ultra ball or master ball.

Pokemon emojis are structured regarding their component category. You can enjoy them on any chat application. You have to follow four steps to get Pokemojis on your iOS and androids.

Firstly, click on the “Get it now” option, and it will directly put you through the installation progress.

Secondly, you need to verify your device’s capability for installing the app. It will run approximately for 30 seconds. It is a plain method to ensure your compatible image.

Thirdly, you can install a suitable version of the keyboard for your device.

At last, go to the settings menu to choose your suitable keyboard and click on ‘Pokemon emoji keyboard.’


Nowadays, all the emojis are creating a mesmerizing effect on the process we communicate. And when it comes to your one of the most favorite fictional characters/cartoons, it becomes more emoji-fied and more interesting. Pokemojis are special for the devoted fans of Pokemon. They would love to have a fantastic experience by using Pokemon emojis through the keyboards within their fingertips.

So hit on the keyboard for the Pokemon emojis whenever you are getting a chance to cheer your chat-mates to make your conversations more astonishing.

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