Orange Emoji

Since 1990, emojis have been changed and renovated in many structures. Nowadays, people use emojis more than words in virtual communications such as chatting. Numerous emojis have been created from the beginning based on emotions like smiling emoji, flowers emoji, crying emoji, sad emoji, happy emoji, angry emoji, tensed emoji, and many more. Besides these emojis, there appears the ‘Orange emoji’ Orange emoji basically represents all the symbols related to oranges and mostly its particular color. The other synonym for orange emoji is tangerine.

As emojis became gradually popular around the whole worldwide, mostly after 2010, it has been included for android operating systems users. It has been an easier way to express human feelings than words.

So in this report, we will explore various usage and other unknown factors of the orange emoji.

History of Orange Emoji

The tangerine emoji was a part of non-equalized to other emojis in the beginning. Until Japanese holders such as Softbank standardized its Orange emojis shared on Apple iPhone starting in iOS 2.2 phones published in English conversing states. In iOS 5/OSX 10, 7, the underlying code by Apple OS of tangerine emoji was developed. It has another name called mandarin.

The orange emoji basically represents an entire tangerine. This emoji is generally related to the fruit itself, as well as it can express the vibe of the summer season. The tangerine emoji mainly popped up in 2010, but now it is well known as an orange emoji.

The tangerine emoji was authorized in 2010 as a member of Unicode 6.0 and included in Emotags 1.0 in 2015.

Besides tangerine, orange, and mandarin, there have many more various tags for this emoji based on different languages. Some of the different keywords for orange emoji are given below.


Language        CLDR Name        Keywords


Deutsch            mandarine            fruchat, Obst, Orange

Français           mandarine            fruit, Orange

Español            mandarina            fruta, naranja

Italiano            mandarino            arancia, frutta

Português        tangerina              fruta, laranja

Polski               mandarynka         cytrus, owoc




Details of Orange Emoji







Symbol to copy:                  

Uncode Code-point:           U+IF 34A

Unicode name:                   Tangerine

Category:                            Food/ drinks, fruits

Keywords:                          Fruit, orange, plant

Windows Alt-code:            Alt+IF34A

Decimal HTML entity:     &#127818

Hex HTML entity:            &#x1F34A

UTF-16 hex:                       0xD83C 0xDF4A


Version:                              Unicode 6.0

Year:                                   2010 (all emoji of 2010)


Orange Emoji on Social

It got acceptance as a segment of Emoji 14.0 in September 2021. Now it is available on­­_

  • iOS 15.4
  • Android 12L.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook and
  • Coming soon to Windows 11.



How to type Orange Emoji?

  • There are multiple ways to type orange emoji. The most used method is COPYE and PASTE. You can type the orange emoji in two more ways, such as windows alt-codes and HTML entities. You can also use typing copy-paste emoji records to copy emojis one after one, or you can go for Online Emoji Keyboard to type your texts. You just have to copy that emoji when your writing is finished. Use Ctrl/Cmd+C Keys to copy, then Ctrl/Cmd+V to paste the emoji.


Do Orange Emojis Look Across Different Devices?

  • Yes, it does look across on different devices. It may look different on particular devices on particular platforms. Depending on manufacturers, they may design the tangerine emoji on their own designs according to their corporate point of view. So it comes with multiple icons, but the color remains the same as it expresses the color orange as its name. The design varies on android devices, apple gadgets, or windows.


The orange or tangerine emoji is seen in art, advertisements, and military recruitment posters as a process to draw the viewer into the picture they are looking forward to. The icon of an orange or round-shaped orange ball expresses a sweet sugary fruit. Its orange color also indicates refreshing air and a good source of vitamin C.

So we can reach without any doubt that emojis have become more usable and effective than words in expressing human feelings. A single orange emoji can be used for expressing multiple sayings. So go for the orange emoji whenever you need to start afresh and cheerful conversations with your mates.


Orange Emoji is a very famous emoji. On this page, you can explore and download the high-quality free latest Orange Emoji in different styles, sizes, and resolutions with various tags as shown below. All Orange Emojis are displayed below available in 100% PNG transparent white background for free to download. All twitch emotes are ready to use.

Orange Cry Emoji

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Orange Tongue Out Emoji

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Orange Ha Ha Emoji

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Orange Disgusted Emoji

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Orange Naughty Emoji

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Orange Happy Emoji

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