Kreygasm – Download, Origin, PNG + MOre

Emote Meaning

Kreygasm is the emote to express your joy or satisfaction towards something in the stream. It’s a very popular emote used in almost all twitch chats. It’s also very old yet many people use it to date. It holds the meaning “Very satisfied to watch you”.

Emote visual

In the emote you can see a guy with specs doing a face of pleasure as if he was having an orgasm. The guy in the emote is the twitch streamer named KreyG.

When to use Kreygasm

People mostly use this emote to express that they are very much satisfied and pleased with the actions of the streamers. It is also used to express attraction towards female streamers. As if they are pleased to watch the stream. Other than that, you can use it if someone from the chat writes something that sounds pleasing to the streamer. Many people use it to troll streamers as well.

Emote expression

Satisfaction, pleasure

Origin of Kreygasm

Kreygasm is a combined word. The first part of the emote Krey comes from the streamer name Krey who is the face of this emotes. And the second part gasm comes from orgasm. So, the notion here is Krey having an orgasm which makes it Kreygasm. This is the wordplay behind this emote. The streamer himself added this emote on twitch back in 2011. As he was a very popular streamer at that time this emote gained a lot of popularity rapidly.

Similar emotes

Another similar emotes to this one is gachiGASM. And the animated variant of gachiGASM is gachiBASS. They all signify the same expression and emotion.

Getting Kreygasm

It’s a very old emote so you don’t need anything extra to get the emote.


When it comes to some classic twitch emotes this one has to be on that list. It’s the most popular emote for expressing satisfaction or joy in a stream even after all these years.




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