This is the copyright policy of our website regarding the use of the website and services.

Our primary service here is design-based. We provide twitch emotes that are designed by individuals. We ask you to refrain from using them for any professional purposes. We hold the right to take action against any kind of misuse of our designs.

The purpose of our website is to help out streamers with free twitch emotes. They are allowed to use them while giving credit to the creators of the emotes. Thus, you can’t use these emotes for earning money or sell them on a different platform. We don’t allow the abuse of our designs in any way.

If you happen to find our designs being misused in such a way you can contact us at (website email) or We make sure to keep our intellectual property rights secured at all costs.

However, if you need any designs from our website for your professional projects you can contact our designers for that. Or you have to ask for our permission before you use them on your own projects.

Using them without our permission may result in legal actions. In that case, we won’t hold back on anything till things get settled.