Cmonbruh – Twitch Emote

Emote Meaning

Cmonbruh emote is a pretty sensitive and serious emote to use. It signifies the meaning of being upset about someone’s racist comments or statements. It holds the meaning that “you shouldn’t have said something like that” or “that’s not cool”.

Emote visual

In this emote you get to see a black guy with a reaction of confusion. It is a reaction that people usually would give when they listen to something that is insensitive or absurd. The guy was an employee of twitch but his identity is yet unknown.

When to use cmonbruh

The use of this emote is quite straightforward. It’s a reaction towards someone’s racist comments. Sometimes you can use this if you are confused about the intention of someone’s statements too. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can only react to racist comments with this emote. If any action of the streamer confuses you can react in the same manner as well. It’s almost like calling someone out for their weird action with a confused reaction. You shouldn’t use this without proper context otherwise it looks racist from your side.

Emote expression


Origin of cmonbruh

We can’t really pinpoint the exact time when this came out. It was somewhere around 2017 that Urban Dictionary added this to their emote list. But the face of the emote admitted it to be there long before that. The phrase cmonbruh was popular even before that. It was in 2010 that a participant from a reality show used this phrase. That’s pretty much the premise of cmonbruh.

Similar emotes

There aren’t any similar emotes to this.

Getting cmonbruh

This is a twitch tv emote so you won’t need any third-party extension or plugin to get this.


Generally, it’s an emote to express your confusion towards other people’s actions. Whether it’s for a reaction to a racist comment or something weird it works in most cases.


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